no secrets

The next seven months of my life I will be investing on this little surprise I have in my belly. I just recently found out that I am expecting. I am currently two months (7 weeks). Every month that went by the last year and a half I always thought the possibility of being pregnant, but that was never the case until now this time is for real. I am going to be a mum not sure as to how I feel about such commitment with a little life that's going to need me until the day I die. How would I know if I'm doing a good or bad job. I am in the process of moving across the country with my hubby and that means that I'll be far away from my mum the one person that I am supposed to need for the rest of my life. She is supposed to be there to guide and teach me the ways of motherhood. I guess I'll take the bull by the horns and hope I learned a thing or two from my mum.
I'll keep you all up to date with how everything is coming along and of course some picture progress.

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coming back

I have been away for a while now, perhaps more than what I intended to do. I have really been inspired lately and I feel good vibes coming my way and I really want to work on this blog and make it what I originally planned to make it. A window filled with photographs of my day to day life and take you guys along for a ride as I take over the world lol. I am a little older now and I must admit discovering who you are is beautiful. I am still getting to know myself each and every single day. A lot of things have changed in my life since my last post, but one thing is certain my love for expressing myself on this blog will always be the same.

See you in the next post ♥


 I have no idea why but I like the idea of having leather boots really dirty. Perhaps is just the fact that it gives the shoes personality and memories.

boots: Zara

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I dream a lot and about the weirdest things but occasionally I dream of the things I desire and remember how I told you on THIS POST about my velvet obsession, well last night I dreamed about a pair of green velvet shorts and today I've went mad looking for them every where and to my luck I can't find I wish you guys could see what I saw. They were similar to these I found on Nasty Gal but they aren't GREEN. 

ps: my favorite color is a black & gray


For sometime now I've been wanting to dye my hair. I love the natural look, but man do I love pinks, blues whites and lavenders. I really wish I had the balls to die my hair like such. I think random lavender or pink highlight will do and perhaps layer my hair cos I haven't cut it in almost four years lol I know BAD.


Oh today was a lovely day. Only because it finally feels like winter in the "sunshine" state. I'm starting to get sick again =/ but oh well I'm used to it. I woke up super late and decided I needed to organize my room and clean things here and there which I managed to accomplish even if it took me all day lol. I took these pictures when I got bored of cleaning my bath some I had to edit, the lighting was really bad. I still have other things to do but I'll do them another day. I just hope its before February lol.


I'm ready for what the oh so famous 2012 has in store for me whether good or bad it will be a great experience. I decided not wear a dress or anything in particular, I wanted to do something different and I was in a tight schedule so jeans did the trick and besides is not like I went to a glamorous party but if that were the case I would pulled out a red carpet dress lol.