I'm not a designer freak, I mean I do desire them but like any struggling young adult I can't afford them but when it comes down to shoes I feel like I must have the real thing which brings me down to the famous Jeffry Campbell Litas. I went to some store with a friend of mine and as soon as we get out of the car she says "I guarantee you're going to come out of the store with a purchase" and to my surprise she was wrong I did not like any shoe in the store, the quality was really bad. As I walked down the isles I came across rather odd a pair of wanna be Litas and I of course examine the shoe carefully I knew it wasn't the real thing but I actually thought of purchasing them but I didn't cos I rather have the real thing. Do you guys feel the same?

Jeffrey Campbell LITA Lace Up Bootie   Available @ Karmaloop         
PS: As I anticipated the dress I showed y'all in the previous post was not available anymore ='( but luckily I fell in love with a new dress lol


I'm as happy as I can be with the gifts I've gifted myself these last couple of days (I'll show you on a later post) just cos Christmas is in the air and so is my birthday and there is more to come as I plan to spend every dime I don't have on whatever my little heart desires =). I've stumbled upon this cute little old thing on Nasty Gal and I fell head over heels. Sadly I am as broke as I can be due to my last two purchases which have left me I guess sort of poor lol my only hope is that the dress will be there with my size by next on Wednesday. (seriously doubt it)

oh you guys, I want to cry lol


Looking through the web shops for some festive attire for the wonderful upcoming holidays, my birthday and other parties in between I find myself lusting over anything and everything velvet. I still don't have a clue on what to purchase, nothing seems to catch my eye. On other news I can't wait for Wednesday to come I finally purchased my camera and the timing is just perfect for the time of year. I name everything that I own, therefore I named the camera Blake.


I was looking at old post of the blog and it made me realize how much I actually loved sharing random pictures with you all, writing about my "dilemmas" and at the same time seeing how people from all over leave comments and share their opinions on whatever it is that I'm talking about.



I personally like these a whole lot, they have that edgy "don't mess with me" vibe to them. what do you think? yay or nay?

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Let's just say that when I discovered this photograph on tumblr I told myself that I will do anything in my power to get my hands on this bag whether is now or years from now but there's only one problem I have no bloody idea what designer made this lol but I know that one of you lovely people know and wouldn't mind sharing :) PS. Lucky the girl who owns this treasure
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I wonder where I can get these pretty rings, well at least the one at the end and the one on the first one on the third and second row and also the third one on the first row.

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Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris October 2011
I think yes. This cover blows my mind. She looks great, I love seeing models on the cover of fashion magazines.

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I'm in love with this body suit, well I've been in love with it for a while but never have the guts to actually purchase it but I'm gonna go check it out sometime this week at my local AA see if it's available, perhaps try it on and maybe make up my mind on it. I would of bought it online a while ago but shopping online can be a bit tricky especially when you're not sure of your size or maybe you are but then you purchase an item and it takes a week or two for you to receive your garment just to find out that its too big or it's tight then you have to ship it back again and wait more time and the whole nine yards again but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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Night Walk Platform

Night Walk Platform

Hey babies I know haven't been blogging due to not having any internet connection at my uncles house which I stay there for four days a week because my job is closer to his house and I'm also saving a ton of gas since I drive a monster literally a monster lol but anyways I'm home today til like nine o clock  tonight because I have a meeting at work but I'll be back on Tuesday night to drop down all these ideas and my latest dilemmas.

On that note, remember black magic the shoe, well I didn't buy it because it didn't look like it was and item that I HAD  to HAVE in my closet but these Night Walks by Jeffery Campbell are just to cute and look much better than the other ones, I think I may have a bit of a crush on them.
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Hope you lovelies are doing fine but me on the other hand I am obsessing over Dr. Martens boots well any lace up bootie. I want the classic ones, all black they are 200 american dollars so I'm thinking of buying a pair in about two weeks. What are your thoughts are they Go or No?



 Cute would be the right word for a 10 year old little girl who pretended she was a model, but this beautiful 10 year old french girl is a model. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is in fact raising eyebrows in the fashion industry weather its good or bad she is making a name for herself. After I showed my seven year old sister who Thylane was she said to me "I thought that you had to be old, really skinny and tall to be a model" but I guess Thylane is breaking the rules a bit isn't she. My sister also said that when she turns ten she was going to be the next young model making head lines lol.
PS: She reminds me of a young Milla Jovovich


Nasty Gal is introducing this Lady Gaga ensemble next week, what are your thoughts? Is it on your "must buy" shopping list ? I don't think it's all that, but it's still pretty cool that now there's going to be more girls and maybe some boys falling on the floor due to heel-less shoes LOL & finally the GAGA's fan will get to be like her. I would only buy them just to say I have them & maybe wear them to the most random places and make people talk and turn heads lol.

La semana que viene Nasty Gal estara lanzando su nuevo zapato "Black magic" mejor dicho "Magia Negra" que estoy segura que todos los fans de Lady Gaga saldran a comprar de inmediato, para caerse por todas partes LOL. Que piensas sobre tan atrevido zapato? Esta en to lista de "comprar"? Yo los compraria para decir que si los tengo y alo mejor se los usaria para ir a un lugar poco comun y darle de que hablar al gente. lol


I really love this bralets or bustier what ever you want to call it lol, I would just love to wear them but I think it looks more flattering on a girl with smaller breast, mine aren't huge but I don't think I can pull it off lol, it never hurts to try right.


I found this amazing picture online & I see an amazing D.I.Y project here, now to buy the perfect fabric (maybe some light peach color) and a billion tiny pearls. What you think?

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I wasn't born in the states but do I love this whole "patriotism" going on here with the American flag.


My new die hard obsession is Mikhael Ayoub who is a 6 foot tall nineteen year-old Brazilian, also known as Micky is the latest Request model. He's been modeling for the last four months and he has already appeared in magazines like Interview to coveted British magazine 10 Men. Micky is making a new life for himself in the Big Apple meaning that I now have a reason to go to got to NYC and be on a hunt to find him, he tries to go to central park twice a week LOL so you know where to find me. (stalker much?)


I die, I love almost every piece of  Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2012 collection. The maxi's skirts of course are on my top list specially the sheer one. Lets not forget the fringe on the blazers/jackets & on the vest, I only like it on the last photo the rest don't seem quite right. Which ones are your favorites?

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 I WANT EVERY ITEM IN THIS COLLECTION especially the SHOES! Marc Jacobs is just that guy he is one of my favorite designers he just knows me so well LOL. Everything he does its always so young and the patterns/colors are just perfect as always.

QUIERO CADA PRENDA EN ESTA COLLECTION especialmente los ZAPATOS. Marc Jacobs es uno de mi disenadores favoritos me conoce tan bien jajaja. Y como todo lo que el hace esta es una collecion joven y con colores llamativos.


This is the Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 and let me say that I wouldn't wear it like in these photos, now don't get me wrong I think the collection is brilliant I just preferred the items individually. I also want to apologize for the lack of not posting but lately I've been feeling sort of "blah" & bored with no inspiration, I want to do something outrageous, my uncle is moving to Toronto, Canada in about a month and I think I want to join him and his family. I want to get out of this "shit-hole" as I like to call it, and meet new people, a new atmosphere & explore a new world.

Esta es la collecion de Louis Vuitton Resort 2012, y quisiera decir que yo no usaría la prendas como en estas fotos, ahora no me malinterpreten, creo que la colección es genial pero prefiero usar las prendas individualmente. También quiero disculparme por la falta de no publicar, pero últimamente me he estado sintiendo super aburrida y sin inspiración eso no es bueno para una amante de la moda lol, quiero hacer algo fuera de lo comun, mi tío se va a mudar a Toronto, Canadá, en aproximadamente un mes y yo creo que quiero unimer a el y su familia, para conocer gente nueva, un ambiete diferente y explorar un mundo nuevo.


I have no words for this cover...It's brilliant I love it.

No tengo palabras para esta maravillosa me facsina!

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So a friend of mine kept bugging me to put up this picture on my blog but I wasn't to sure if I should, I took it yesterday out of boredom with my cousins camera.

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So these YSL shoes are driving me mad, the color specially its put together so well. They're perfect for this spring & summer!!

Estos zapatos de YSL  me estan volviendome loca, los colores specialmente hacen una maravilla juntos. son perfectos para esta primavera y verano!!

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I really want to wear this.
P.S. blogger is kinda pushing my buttons after the whole site shutting down a couple of weeks ago to now the followers gadget is not working, I need to follow blogs and the ones that follow me!!
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Tengo ganas de poner me esto.
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