Sorry I've been out babes but blogger was messing up and I had/have a lot of stduying and school related thing I have to catch up on but last week on thursday I was completely happy when I read that the lovely Mischa Lynn from CARMEN VOGUE  nominated me for "The Adorable Blog" award. I love her and the blog of course, she has a great eye for the most amazing things out there and it has great inspiration and like her blog name its very VOGUE. I wanna say thank you very much for the support I've received.

Perdonen mi ausensia los ultimos dias, blogger no esta colaborando con nosotros y estado super ocupada con la escuela y no me da tiempo para nada, pero la semana pasada la adorable Mischa Lynn de CARMEN VOGUE me nomino con el premio de los "Blogs mas Adorables". El blog de ella esta lleno de inspiraciones
y tiene un ojo para las cosas mas bonitas. Le doy las gracias a todas ustedes.

10 Things about me/10 cosas acerca de mi:

1. My name is not Nico, I use my middle name whic is Nicole and that's where I get "Nico" from./ No me llamo Nico, uso mi nombre del medio cual es Nicole y es de alli que uso "Nico"
2. I'm 18 years YOUNG./Tengo 18 anos!
3. This may sound cliche but I am indeed a "fashion" student, although I always said  "fashion is not something you learn is either on your blood, veins and heart or not"./ Soy estudiante de moda aunque yo siempre eh dicho que la moda no se aprende, la traes en tu sangre, venas y corazon o no." 
4. I'm "studying" fashion to one day work behind the runways of fashion week and fashion shows or to be editior of VOGUE magazine ;)/ Estudio moda para que algun dia trabaje detras de las pasarelas de fashion week and fashion shows oh trabajar como editora de VOGUE. ;)
5. I have a huge obsession with sharks! My favorite has got to be the Tiger shark, just cause they're bad ass./ Tengo una obesion con tiburones, mi favorito es el tiburon tigre!
6. I wanted to go to medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a plastic surgeon./ Queria estudiar medicina y hacer uno de mis suenos de ser sirujana plasctica.
7. I don't work/ no trabajo
8. I only drink water or milk nothing else./ Solamente tomo agua y leche nada mas!
9. I want to audition for a show called the "Real World" here in the America when I turn 21./ Quiero audicionar para un show llamado "the Real World" aca en los Estados Unidos cuando cumpla 21.
10.There is nothing more in the world that I love the most than my little sister, she's 7./ No hay nada en este mundo que yo quiera mas que mi hermanita!, tiene 7.
10. I spend a lot of time on the computer, reading all of these amazing blogs and on TUMBLR my new obsession./Paso la mayoria de mi tiempo en la internet leyendo todos sus blogs, y en TUMBLR mi nueva obsecion.!
10. I sometimes think I that I think to much/ a veces pienso que pienso demasiado
10. I am Hondurian./soy Hondurena
10. I want to be a vegetarian but my parents think its just odd lol/ Quiero ser vegetariana pero mis padres piensan que estoy loca. lol
10. I really love anything maroon or grey/ me muero por cualquier cosa que sea marron o gris
10. I was a gymnast and a wanna be ballet dancer, I did take some classes but never seriously, and now I wish I had./ solia hacer gymnacia y me facina el ballet.
10. I am diagnosed with entomophobia: fear of insect specially ROACHES, I cry and have panic attacks when I see one either dead or alive I still freak!/fui diagnosticada con entomophobia: terror alos insectos especialmente las cucarachas, no puedo verlas muertas oh vivas si no me da ataque panico.
10. I wish I were Cinderella/ Quisiera ser Cindirella

 If you want to ask me anything else,you more than welcome/ Si me quieres preguntas cualquier cosa, estas bienvenida!
I want to give this award to/Quiero darle este premio a:
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  1. Congrats!!!

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  2. Felicidades y muchisimas gracias guapa!! I love knowing all of these things, I think too much, love water & studied fashion too :D I love your blog & it means a lot to me that you nominated me, GRACIASSSSS <3

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  3. You're the sweetest ever. Loooove your blog, dear.

    Karoline Kalvo

  4. Gracias Nico ! Ahorita estoy en la universidad y recien lo acabo de ver desde mi ipod y no puedo generar un post , pero apenas llege a mi casa lo hago !Me encanto la idea , es tan creativa !