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Hope you lovelies are doing fine but me on the other hand I am obsessing over Dr. Martens boots well any lace up bootie. I want the classic ones, all black they are 200 american dollars so I'm thinking of buying a pair in about two weeks. What are your thoughts are they Go or No?



 Cute would be the right word for a 10 year old little girl who pretended she was a model, but this beautiful 10 year old french girl is a model. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is in fact raising eyebrows in the fashion industry weather its good or bad she is making a name for herself. After I showed my seven year old sister who Thylane was she said to me "I thought that you had to be old, really skinny and tall to be a model" but I guess Thylane is breaking the rules a bit isn't she. My sister also said that when she turns ten she was going to be the next young model making head lines lol.
PS: She reminds me of a young Milla Jovovich