I personally like these a whole lot, they have that edgy "don't mess with me" vibe to them. what do you think? yay or nay?

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Let's just say that when I discovered this photograph on tumblr I told myself that I will do anything in my power to get my hands on this bag whether is now or years from now but there's only one problem I have no bloody idea what designer made this lol but I know that one of you lovely people know and wouldn't mind sharing :) PS. Lucky the girl who owns this treasure
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I wonder where I can get these pretty rings, well at least the one at the end and the one on the first one on the third and second row and also the third one on the first row.

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Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris October 2011
I think yes. This cover blows my mind. She looks great, I love seeing models on the cover of fashion magazines.

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I'm in love with this body suit, well I've been in love with it for a while but never have the guts to actually purchase it but I'm gonna go check it out sometime this week at my local AA see if it's available, perhaps try it on and maybe make up my mind on it. I would of bought it online a while ago but shopping online can be a bit tricky especially when you're not sure of your size or maybe you are but then you purchase an item and it takes a week or two for you to receive your garment just to find out that its too big or it's tight then you have to ship it back again and wait more time and the whole nine yards again but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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Night Walk Platform

Night Walk Platform

Hey babies I know haven't been blogging due to not having any internet connection at my uncles house which I stay there for four days a week because my job is closer to his house and I'm also saving a ton of gas since I drive a monster literally a monster lol but anyways I'm home today til like nine o clock  tonight because I have a meeting at work but I'll be back on Tuesday night to drop down all these ideas and my latest dilemmas.

On that note, remember black magic the shoe, well I didn't buy it because it didn't look like it was and item that I HAD  to HAVE in my closet but these Night Walks by Jeffery Campbell are just to cute and look much better than the other ones, I think I may have a bit of a crush on them.
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