I'm as happy as I can be with the gifts I've gifted myself these last couple of days (I'll show you on a later post) just cos Christmas is in the air and so is my birthday and there is more to come as I plan to spend every dime I don't have on whatever my little heart desires =). I've stumbled upon this cute little old thing on Nasty Gal and I fell head over heels. Sadly I am as broke as I can be due to my last two purchases which have left me I guess sort of poor lol my only hope is that the dress will be there with my size by next on Wednesday. (seriously doubt it)

oh you guys, I want to cry lol


Looking through the web shops for some festive attire for the wonderful upcoming holidays, my birthday and other parties in between I find myself lusting over anything and everything velvet. I still don't have a clue on what to purchase, nothing seems to catch my eye. On other news I can't wait for Wednesday to come I finally purchased my camera and the timing is just perfect for the time of year. I name everything that I own, therefore I named the camera Blake.


I was looking at old post of the blog and it made me realize how much I actually loved sharing random pictures with you all, writing about my "dilemmas" and at the same time seeing how people from all over leave comments and share their opinions on whatever it is that I'm talking about.