I was looking at old post of the blog and it made me realize how much I actually loved sharing random pictures with you all, writing about my "dilemmas" and at the same time seeing how people from all over leave comments and share their opinions on whatever it is that I'm talking about.


 I was first introduced to blogging when a friend of mine send me an invitation to lookbook (back when you need one in order to be part of the community) and I discovered Chiara from The Blonde Salad that was back in 2009 when her blog had just taken off and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I would read it everyday it was my guilty pleasure. I read her blog for almost a year or so and along the way discovered so many more blogs and eventually started my own.


A lot of us blogger are always complaining on how sucky the weather is, and yes I'm about to do so. My only wish is to have a extremely cold winter but it feels like I'm in the middle of summer it feels gross outside and living in lovely old Florida wont change any time soon. It doesn't feel like FALL!.


omg i die..

I always feel very adventurous but lately my urge to do something crazy is out of hand, I must admit I just don't have the balls lol well maybe if some one would be down to get down I think I would of gone on a random cruise or get a suit case full of clothes drive up to the airport and land somewhere unexpected.

photos: thecobrasnake, chicmuse, stylescrapbook, colormenana, tumblr

This was just a collection of photos found on the web and some crazy talk, I really enjoy long post whether is just plain writing or even if its just photographs I really just like LOOOOOOONG post I wish the blogs I followed did such thing.


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