I'm not a designer freak, I mean I do desire them but like any struggling young adult I can't afford them but when it comes down to shoes I feel like I must have the real thing which brings me down to the famous Jeffry Campbell Litas. I went to some store with a friend of mine and as soon as we get out of the car she says "I guarantee you're going to come out of the store with a purchase" and to my surprise she was wrong I did not like any shoe in the store, the quality was really bad. As I walked down the isles I came across rather odd a pair of wanna be Litas and I of course examine the shoe carefully I knew it wasn't the real thing but I actually thought of purchasing them but I didn't cos I rather have the real thing. Do you guys feel the same?

Jeffrey Campbell LITA Lace Up Bootie   Available @ Karmaloop         
PS: As I anticipated the dress I showed y'all in the previous post was not available anymore ='( but luckily I fell in love with a new dress lol